Structuring the research on the website

Posts to the site are not coming thick and fast at the moment so before they do we need to consider something important about how the documentation of the research will grow (hopefully organically) here.

As I see it we have two models as to how we can structure the research documentation. Posts will appear in a reverse chronological order (latest first) and usually on a weblog you can view all posts based on a keyword which they were tagged with, like if you do a search in a search engine, it uses the keyword you entered. Do we want to present the research tagged with keywords so the structure becomes quite loose, non-linear which makes it easier to grow in all directions but more difficult for others to follow. If so we should use a tagcloud as shown in the image below (image from We Make Money not Art). This is from currently being used on the site at the top.


Or should we use sections as shown in the image below (image from variable environment / mobility, interaction city and crossovers), quite linear, perhaps more restrictive but easier for others to follow.

Tag Sections


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